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Tag Archives: Order Of Protection

Domestic Relations: Order of Protection-Sufficiency of Evidence of Predicate Acts

Defendant appealed from the order of protection, arguing that there was insufficient evidence to support the trial court’s finding that defendant’s conduct constituted stalking or harassment and that the trial court failed to consider the harm to defendant from the ...

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Civil Practice: Order of Protection-Personal Jurisdiction-Service of Process

Where appellant challenged the entry against him of a full order of protection, the trial court erred in exercising personal jurisdiction over the appellant because the record did not show that the appellant received proper service of process, so the ...

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Domestic Relations: Order of Protection-Stalking-Sufficiency of Evidence

Defendant appealed the full order of protection entered by the trial court against defendant. Defendant challenged the sufficiency of evidence supporting the trial court’s finding that defendant committed the predicate act of stalking against plaintiff. Where there was no evidence ...

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Family Law: Order of Protection-Dismissal of Appeal-Mandatory Briefing Requirements

    Defendant pro se appealed the judgment granting plaintiff a full order of protection against defendant. Where defendant’s appellate brief failed to comply with the mandatory briefing requirements by failing to identify the challenged decision of the trial court, ...

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