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Tag Archives: paternity

Domestic Relations: Paternity-Child Support

Mother appealed from the trial court’s judgment that granted father sole legal and physical custody of the parties’ child, with mother having visitation, in addition to awarding father child support and ordering mother to pay father’s attorneys’ fees and a ...

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Domestic Relations: Paternity-Child Custody

Mother appealed from the judgment establishing paternity and determining child custody, child support and parenting time. Mother argued that the trial court’s adoption of father’s parenting plan was against the weight of the evidence, exceeded the scope of the matter ...

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Domestic Relations: Paternity-Misrepresentation-Emotional Damage

Where a father claimed his ex-wife fraudulently, negligently and intentionally misrepresented that he was the father of her three children when paternity testing eventually showed that he was not the father of the second child, the trial court properly dismissed ...

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