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Specter to seek re-election as a Democrat

Republican Pennsylvania Sen. Arlen Specter, saying his party "has moved far to the right," announced Tuesday he will seek re-election next year as a Democrat. Specter, a moderate Republican, was one of three senators in his party to support President Barack Obama's $787 billion economic stimulus measure. He announced his decision to switch parties in a statement posted on a Pennsylvania politics Web site and confirmed by his office.

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Holder eases restrictions on public records

Attorney General Eric Holder directed executive-branch agencies not to withhold public records simply because they may do so legally, reversing a Bush administration policy. In a memo to government agencies Thursday, Holder encouraged agencies to “make discretionary disclosures of information,” ...

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Ogden, Perrelli confirmed for attorney general posts

The U.S. Senate began filling the Justice Department’s leadership ranks, confirming David Ogden to be deputy attorney general and Thomas Perrelli’s nomination for the agency’s No. 3 post. The confirmations of Ogden and Perrelli will provide reinforcements for Attorney General ...

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Invoking state secrets may be harder for U.S. under proposal

Lawmakers from both parties introduced legislation in the House and Senate on Wednesday aimed at limiting the U.S. Justice Department’s ability to invoke national security to block lawsuits accusing the government of misconduct. The measures would bolster the power of ...

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