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Arbitration : Authority – Arbitration Award – Pension-Contribution Program

Where in a dispute between an employer and a union over changes to a pension-contribution program the district court vacated an arbitration award in favor of the union, the arbitrator lacked the authority to decide the issue of the formation ...

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GM’s Main Street bondholders would lose, lawyer says

The loser in a General Motors Corp. bankruptcy would be Main Street, not Wall Street, said a lawyer who represented Chrysler’s dissident lenders and is trying to organize bondholders who hold up to $7 billion in GM’s debt. A separate ...

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Rex Carr renews demand for $6.9M from ex-partners

Illinois attorney Rex Carr (pictured) has brought a five-year-old legal battle with his former law partners to St. Louis, demanding $6.9 million in fees in a petition filed last week in St. Louis Circuit Court. The action is the ninth lawsuit Carr has filed against Korein Tillery over millions in fees he says he is owed from several class actions the firm initiated under its prior incarnation, Carr Korein Tillery. These class actions include one Illinois case over an IBM pension dispute that netted a $325 million settlement. Click here to continue reading.

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