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Tag Archives: Personal Injury Case

Parents of toddlers abused at Kansas daycare win $350,000 at trial

A jury awarded $350,000 to families of toddlers whom eyewitnesses said were abused at an Emporia State University-run daycare center. The unanimous verdict against the school and its daycare director came in less than three hours after a six-day trial ...

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Colorado bicyclist settles for $820,000 after wreck on patched pavement

A bicyclist who crashed on a roadway in Boulder, Colorado, settled for $820,000 with a company alleged to have improperly patched the pavement, according to his attorney. Alvin A. Wolff Jr. of Wolff & Wolff Trial Lawyers in St. Louis ...

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Soulard boiler-explosion suit results in $47 million settlement

Six defendants have agreed to pay a combined $47 million to plaintiffs affected by a boiler explosion that killed four people and injured three others in 2017 in the Soulard neighborhood of St. Louis, according to the plaintiffs’ counsel. The ...

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Negligence: Personal-Injury Case-Child-Support Lien-Notice

Where a medical-device manufacturer challenged the enforcement of a child-support lien on the proceeds of a personal-injury action that it paid to the plaintiff’s ex-husband, arguing that the plaintiff failed to comply with the exclusive statutory method for attaching the ...

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