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Personal Injury Case

Apr 7, 2020

Jurors side slightly with man splashed by asphalt sealant

A man injured while attempting to fill a tank with asphalt sealant will take home only $1,100 in damages due to a small award and a heavy allocation of fault to the plaintiff. “The plaintiff had his own asphalt sealant business, and he pulled up to fill his tank at our facility with asphalt sealer,” […]

Apr 3, 2020

Owner gets $140,000 settlement in assault by bar customer

A St. Charles bar owner received a $140,000 settlement after he was severely injured by a former customer, according to the law offices of Maha Amircani. Dustin English was attacked in the breezeway of the Undertow Restaurant on Aug. 12, 2017, at 142 N. Main St. in St. Charles. Richard Clouser punched English in the […]

Feb 14, 2020

Parents of toddlers abused at Kansas daycare win $350,000 at trial

A jury awarded $350,000 to families of toddlers whom eyewitnesses said were abused at an Emporia State University-run daycare center. The unanimous verdict against the school and its daycare director came in less than three hours after a six-day trial in Lyons County, Kansas, District Court. The case stems from the director and school failing […]

Jan 27, 2020

Woman burned by firework settles with brother-in-law for $250,000

An Iowa woman injured during a family Fourth of July celebration in Boone County reached a $250,000 settlement with an insurer for her future in-law. “One of the mortars must have been knocked over or broken or something,” said plaintiff’s attorney Andrew Nantz of Votava, Nantz & Johnson. “It launched and hit her right in […]

Jan 24, 2020

Defense wins at trial over fight ended by gunshot

A late-night shoving match that ended with a gunshot in a St. Louis diner parking lot resulted in a verdict for the defense. Joshua Davis of Baker Sterchi Cowden & Rice defended concealed-carry permit holder James Bommarito in connection with the incident, which began after a verbal dispute between his client and another patron, Anthony […]

Oct 9, 2019

Woman bitten by own dog settles with adoption agency

A Clay County dog owner attacked by her own pet will receive a $160,000 settlement from the agency that allowed her to adopt it. Elizabeth Seymour sued the KC Pet Project in connection to injuries she received from an American Staffordshire Bulldog she acquired in September 2017 for $120. Launched under the Missouri Merchandising Practices […]

Oct 7, 2019

Colorado bicyclist settles for $820,000 after wreck on patched pavement

A bicyclist who crashed on a roadway in Boulder, Colorado, settled for $820,000 with a company alleged to have improperly patched the pavement, according to his attorney. Alvin A. Wolff Jr. of Wolff & Wolff Trial Lawyers in St. Louis said the defendant company was performing infrastructure work that required a bore pit in the […]

Jul 29, 2019

Soulard boiler-explosion suit results in $47 million settlement

Six defendants have agreed to pay a combined $47 million to plaintiffs affected by a boiler explosion that killed four people and injured three others in 2017 in the Soulard neighborhood of St. Louis, according to the plaintiffs’ counsel. The plaintiffs were represented by St. Louis attorneys Timothy Cronin and John Simon at The Simon […]

Jul 24, 2019

Man settles for $3 million after fall from rented hydraulic lift

A Kansas City man who fell from a rented hydraulic lift onto his driveway while painting his home settled a personal injury lawsuit against a regional hardware store for $3 million. David W. Taylor, 64, sued Euston’s Hardware Inc.  in Clay County Circuit Court in October 2018 in regard to injuries he suffered following his […]

Jul 2, 2019

Contracts: Agreement To Limit Damages-Notice-Personal Injury Case

Where an insurer challenged the denial of its motion to set aside judgments in a dispute over an agreement to limit damages in a personal injury lawsuit being handle by a personal injury attorney, the amount of insurance coverage, the judgment is affirmed because the parties to the lawsuit entered into their agreement under the […]

Mar 18, 2019

Negligence: Personal-Injury Case-Child-Support Lien-Notice

Where a medical-device manufacturer challenged the enforcement of a child-support lien on the proceeds of a personal-injury action that it paid to the plaintiff’s ex-husband, arguing that the plaintiff failed to comply with the exclusive statutory method for attaching the lien to the proceeds of a negligence or personal-injury lawsuit because she complied with the […]

Jun 15, 2018

Civil Practice : Medical Lien – Personal Injury Case –  Interlocutory Judgment

Skaggs Chiropractic, LLC v. Ford (MLW No. 71729/Case No. SD35234 – 10 pages) (Missouri Court of Appeals, Southern District, Burrell, J.)

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