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Tag Archives: personal injury

Woman in wheelchair settles for $100,000 after van injury

A St. Louis nursing home resident who broke both legs after tumbling from her wheelchair while riding in a medical transport vehicle settled a lawsuit against the van’s owner and its driver. According to the 2019 suit, Theresa Fehrmann was ...

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Negligence: Personal Injury-Underinsured Motorist Coverage-Heightened Duty of Care

Plaintiff was seriously injured after falling from the trunk of a car driven by her friend, Samantha Denault. This caused for her to hire a personal injury attorney. After recovering from Denault’s insurer, plaintiff filed an underinsured motorist claim with ...

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Negligence: Personal Injury-Allocation of Fault-Underinsured Motorist Benefits

Plaintiff suffered permanent head injuries when she fell off the trunk of a vehicle. In a related action, the district court held a bench trial to apportion fault between plaintiff’s friends involved in the accident. In the present case, the ...

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Negligence: Personal Injury-Entitlement to Official Immunity

Petitioner sought a writ prohibiting the trial court from taking any action other than granting him summary judgment in a student’s personal injury action against him. The student alleged that petitioner, an in-school suspension teacher, was negligent in physically restraining ...

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