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Supreme Court finds picketing ban goes too far

The Missouri Supreme Court ruled March 31 the state cannot enforce a blanket ban on picketing by public employees. But a larger case about the rights of public-sector unions is headed its way. In a unanimous opinion, the court said ...

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Constitutional Law: Picketing-Labor Negotiations-Severance

Where dispatchers claimed statutory prohibitions against picketing violated constitutional rights to equal protection, free speech, peaceable assembly and collective bargaining under the Missouri Constitution, and the trial court declared Section 105.585(2) unconstitutional and enjoined the defendants from applying the prohibition ...

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Picketing restriction gets Supreme Court review

The Missouri Supreme Court is considering the constitutionality of a law that requires public-sector unions to agree not to picket, even as a wider challenge to union-aimed legislation proceeds in a lower court. The high court heard arguments on Jan. ...

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