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Plain View Doctrine

Mar 11, 2020

Criminal Law: Plain View Doctrine-Protective Sweep

Where a defendant argued that a district court erred by admitting evidence seized after a warrantless protective sweep of his home, the police observed incriminating evidence during a lawful protective sweep following a home break-in, so the evidence was properly seized under the plain view doctrine, and the motion to suppress was properly denied, and […]

Jul 2, 2019

Criminal Law: Inventory Search-Plain View Doctrine

Where a defendant moved to suppress evidence found during an inventory search, arguing that the officers should have deferred to his arrangement to have his wrecked vehicle towed by a private company rather than impounding it, the judgment is affirmed because the defendant did not cite legal authority for his proposition that the officers should […]

Apr 18, 2016

Criminal Law : Warrantless Search – Community Caretaking Exception – Plain View Doctrine

U.S. v. Smith (MLW No. 69049/Case No. 15-1742 – 9 pages) (U.S. Court of Appeals, 8th Circuit, Shepherd, J.)

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