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31 days, 31 ways

Tips to build your business in a month

This issue of Practice, Practice focuses on building your business. You have 31 days in October, and we have 31 tips we hope you'll give a whirl. The tips will encourage you: to introduce yourself properly on your Web site so you attract the right clients; to take advantage of a lull in business; to market yourself in ways that make sense for you; to acknowledge you have so much more to offer than, say, reduced rates; and, well, to confront yourself in a full-length mirror. Impressions do matter! Work your way through it step by step, or treat it like a buffet and try ideas that appeal to you. Good luck, and enjoy.

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Electronic records support clients’ needs

On one side is a lawyer sifting through boxes of files. On the other side is a lawyer with a laptop. When it comes to finding a document, whose search-and-retrieval system do you think will work best? Jim Daley, partner ...

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‘I really do know where everything is’

Here they rest. A miniature terra-cotta warrior, two empty pop cans, a two-hole punch, a pen holder that looks like two books, a pile of notes from phone calls, two computer monitors, a mouse, a spiral notebook with telephone messages, ...

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Ethics rules govern file storage, destruction

Cochran, Oswald & Roam has 42 years’ worth of client files. Though the firm is lucky to have a big basement for storage at its office building in Blue Springs, it destroys 20-year-old closed client files regularly. Every year, the ...

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Dos, don’ts of file storage, destruction

DO Include file retention and destruction in fee agreements or engagement letters Remind clients of destruction arrangements when a case ends Get certification that a file was secure until it was destroyed Keep a list of closed files Send irreplaceable ...

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How to manage e-mail, fight inbox overload

Do you receive more e-mails a day than you have time to deal with? Does constantly checking your inbox interrupt your work? Are important messages getting buried? Dealing with too much incoming e-mail leads to distraction from work, unproductive use ...

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Cut costs with Software as a Service

Managing a law office without practice management software programs is nothing short of impossible. But traditional law practice management software can be expensive, cumbersome to navigate and prone to such frequent glitches that your IT consultant becomes a permanent fixture ...

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