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Number of pro se litigants soars in some counties

When the Missouri Supreme Court approved standardized divorce pleadings in late 2008, about the only thing both sides in the pro se debate agreed up on was that it would, for better or worse, increase the number of people using them.

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Pro se plaintiff takes on Allstate – and wins

A federal jury awarded a former St. Louis resident $140,000 last week in a breach of contract suit against Allstate Property & Casualty Insurance Co. The Jan. 6 verdict matched testimony from Allstate’s forensic accountant about how much plaintiffs Reginald ...

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Lawyer gets dressed down for dressing down

Ever wish you didn’t have to pull on the old monkey suit to appear in court? “Yes, your honor, these are sweat pants I am wearing. You see, I ate Chinese yesterday, and it’s sitting in my gut like an ...

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Who’s using pro se divorce forms?

The litigants without lawyers stroll into the clerk's office in tiny Dade County, plunk down thick packets of divorce forms and ask, "What in the world am I supposed to do with this?" It's a question Dade County Circuit Clerk Brenda Adams (pictured) hears more each week, as pro se litigants trickle into her office in Greenfield, near Springfield. The litigants throw up their hands and ask for help, but there's not much Adams and her clerks can do. "We don't have a law degree," she said. "We're sticking our necks out and helping them file these, and I don't think we're probably supposed to be doing that."

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