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Tag Archives: Probable Cause

Criminal Law: Search Warrant-Probable Cause-Restitution Order

Where a defendant in a child-pornography case challenged the admission of evidence found on his phone, the search warrant application established probable cause to believe that evidence would be found on the defendant’s electronic devices inside his home, including his ...

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Criminal Law: Possession of Heroin-Motion to Suppress-Probable Cause

Defendant appealed from the district court’s denial of his motion to suppress evidence of heroin seized from a rental car defendant had been driving that was stopped by police during a traffic stop. Where defendant had permission from his wife ...

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Torts: False Arrest-Inadequate Investigation-Probable Cause

Plaintiff appealed from the summary-judgment dismissal of his false arrest complaint, arising from his arrest for sexually exploiting a group-home patient under his care, for which plaintiff was ultimately acquitted by jury Where the investigating detective could have conducted further ...

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Criminal Law: Conspiracy to Distribute Heroin-Motion to Suppress-Probable Cause

  Defendant appealed the denial of his motion to suppress evidence seized pursuant to a search warrant. The warrant was issued after investigators witnessed defendant engaged in what they believed were heroin transactions. Defendant argued that the warrant was unsupported ...

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