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Criminal Law: Sentencing-Bazell -Probation

Where a defendant, whose probation was revoked, challenged the judgment overruling her motion for post-conviction relief from sentences imposed in 2017 for felony stealing, the defendant was on probation and had not been sentenced at the time the court decided ...

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Attorney disbarments increase, reinstatements decrease in 2019

The Missouri Supreme Court issued fewer disciplinary orders in 2019 compared to the previous year, but the total rate of attorneys who were disbarred, suspended or placed on probation remained roughly the same. In 2019, the court disbarred five more ...

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Court orders probation for family-law attorneys

The Missouri Supreme Court has stayed a one-year suspension and ordered 18 months of probation in the cases of two Riverside family law attorneys who admitted to violating ethics rules in their handling of a contentious child-custody dispute. The court’s ...

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Administrative: Accountancy License-Probation-Professional Education Deficiencies

Where an accountant challenged the decision of the state’s board of accountancy placing her license on probation for three years, increasing her yearly continuing professional education requirement and ordering her to complete a remedial course, the discipline was an abuse ...

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Supreme Court says judge can’t order three rounds of probation

For two men challenging their terms of probation, the third time was the charm. The Missouri Supreme Court ruled on May 21 that a judge exceeded his authority by putting defendants Gary D. Sampson Jr. and Trevor Griffith on third ...

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