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Landlord sues over Lewis, Rice incentives

"Novel" is one of the more flattering descriptions development attorneys had for a lawsuit challenging incentives granted for a St. Louis redevelopment project. "Without merit" was St. Louis executive director for development Barbara Geisman's less complimentary portrayal of the lawsuit, filed by the owner of the 500 Broadway Building against the city and the state over $14.6 million worth of tax credits and loans for the redevelopment of One City Centre.

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Real Property: Redevelopment – Tax Increment Financing – School District Challenge

Where a school district challenged a city’s adoption of an ordinance authorizing the use of tax-increment financing for a redevelopment project, summary judgment in favor of the city and developer is affirmed because the city showed an inadequate street layout, ...

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Taking initiative

St. Peters needs to place more emphasis on redevelopment and the use of incentives to stimulate the local economy, according to a panel appointed to study the situation. Mayor Len Pagano last year appointed one dozen business and civic leaders ...

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