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Tag Archives: reinstatement

Immigration: Order of Removal-Reinstatement-Dismissal of Federal Complaint

Petitioner, a citizen of Mexico who unlawfully entered the United States, was ordered removed after he was convicted of an aggravated felony. Petitioner later unlawfully reentered the U.S., alleging that he feared persecution if returned to Mexico. An immigration judge ...

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Driver’s License: Reinstatement-Submission of Alcohol-Influence Report

The director of revenue appealed the trial court’s judgment granting plaintiff’s petition to reinstate his driver’s license following an administrative denial. The trial court ruled that the director had lacked probable cause to submit plaintiff’s alcohol-influence report into evidence and ...

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Administrative: Court Employee Termination-Inadequate Training-Reinstatement

Where a deputy court clerk challenged the reversal of her reinstatement by the court’s dismissal-review committee, the clerk’s appeal is governed by the administrative procedure set forth in the relevant Supreme Court operating rule, and competent and substantial evidence supported ...

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