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Feb 9, 2009

Investors may have misconduct or negligence claims

Anyone who invests knows – or should know – the practice involves risk, including the risk of losing your investment. In certain cases, however, investor losses may be recoverable. When financial professionals engage in wrongful or negligent conduct, they may be liable for all or part of an investor’s loss. When times are good, most […]

Feb 3, 2009

Five ways to recoup your losses in the age of Obama

Even with all of the hoopla around Barack Obama’s inauguration last week, did you still get the gnawing feeling that the retirement cushion you had built up is now little more than a throw pillow? After so much wealth disappeared in 2008 – the Standard & Poor’s 500 Index posted its biggest loss since 1937 […]

Jan 16, 2009

Ex-Ram sues NFL for disability benefits

A former St. Louis Rams defensive tackle is suing the National Football League’s player retirement plan for failing to pay disability benefits and accusing the team of knowingly aggravating his kidney disease by giving him anti-inflammatory drugs. Gaylon M. Hyder, who played for the Rams during the 2000 season, suffers from kidney disease, cardiovascular problems […]

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