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Tag Archives: Revocation of Probation

Criminal Law: Revocation of Probation-Multiple New Terms of Probation

Where circuit court had revoked offender’s second probationary term, it lacked authority to impose a third term and should have either extended the officer’s second term or executed his prison sentence. Had the offender’s case not been mooted, the court ...

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Criminal Law: Revocation of Probation-Completion of Institutional Treatment Program

Where an offender completed and was released from a institutional treatment program, the circuit court erred by imposing a new probationary term and was authorized only to continue an existing term of probation, unless the circuit court had affirmatively manifested ...

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Criminal Law: Revocation of Probation-Payment of Jail Costs-Indigent Defendant

Following her release from prison on a probation violation, defendant was placed back on probation and ordered to pay “any outstanding court costs, Crime Victims Compensation Fund, intervention fees and restitution balances.” Four years later, defendant moved to retax costs, ...

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Criminal Law: Unlawful Possession of Firearm-Downward Variance-Revocation of Probation

Defendant pleaded guilty to unlawful possession of a firearm; the district court varied downward and sentenced defendant to five years’ probation. Defendant subsequently tested positive for methamphetamines, and the district court revoked his probation, sentencing him to nine months’ imprisonment ...

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