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Tag Archives: Right-To-Sue Letter

Employment Law: Right-To-Sue Letter-Race Discrimination-Second Charge

Where an employer challenged the state’s acceptance of a second charge of discrimination from a former employee, the judgment is affirmed because the second charge did not relate to the same practice or act described in the first charge, and ...

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Employment: Right-To-Sue Letter-Timeliness-MHRA Amendments

Where an employer argued that the trial court erred in dismissing its petition, which argued that the Missouri Commission on Human Rights lacked jurisdiction to issue a right-to-sue letter because the plaintiff employee’s administrative complaint was untimely, under recent case ...

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Employment Law: MHRA-Right-To-Sue Letter-Subject-Matter Jurisdiction

Where a trial court dismissed a defendant employer’s motion to dismiss in an age-discrimination action, agreeing with the employer’s argument that the court lacked subject-matter jurisdiction because there was not an allegation in the petition that the plaintiff had received ...

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