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KC appeals court loses four judges in 2009

Judge Mark Pfeiffer heard his first case for the Court of Appeals Western District from an unusual place - the audience. Pfeiffer, who was appointed to the court on May 6, watched a court en banc argument later that month over the conviction of a man on a child molestation charge. He was in town for the court's conference that afternoon and intended merely to be a spectator. But when the court's existing eight judges split evenly over the outcome, Pfeiffer (with the attorneys' permission) was added as a ninth judge. As he said he learned, "there are no ties at the Court of Appeals."

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Judge considers keeping ALJs in their jobs

A Cole County judge said he will decide by Tuesday whether to keep three dismissed administrative law judges on the job. Gov. Jay Nixon’s administration dismissed four administrative law judges earlier this month, while the position of a fifth judge ...

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Short court slows down

Missouri’s Court of Appeals Western District is supposed to have 11 people donning black robes and meting out justice. These days, it’s limping along with eight. The three-judge shortfall appears to have an impact. Data show the court has heard almost a third fewer cases and issued 22 percent fewer rulings compared to a year ago. But so far, lawyers don’t seem to be complaining. At the same time, the state court system has implemented a general hiring freeze on courthouse employees and postponed computer equipment upgrades to keep the books in balance through June.

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Judicial Commission to meet May 13

Wasting no time, the Appellate Judicial Commission has announced it will meet Wednesday in Jefferson City to select another panel of candidates for an appellate judgeship in Kansas City. The announcement came just a day after Gov. Jay Nixon selected ...

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Koster’s big gamble to switch parties paid off

Chris Koster doesn’t have much time these days to reflect on the remarkable events of the past year. Yes, he switched political parties in 2007, shocking the Jefferson City establishment and losing some friends in the process. And yes, he ...

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Commission announces interview rescheduling

The Appellate Judicial Commission has suspended the process to fill Judge Booker T. Shaw’s vacancy on the Eastern District Court of Appeals until at least late summer because of scheduling conflicts with filling the three vacancies on the Western District ...

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