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Tag Archives: Search Warrant

Criminal Law: Search Warrant-Probable Cause-Restitution Order

Where a defendant in a child-pornography case challenged the admission of evidence found on his phone, the search warrant application established probable cause to believe that evidence would be found on the defendant’s electronic devices inside his home, including his ...

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Criminal Law: Search Warrant-Good-Faith Exception

Where a defendant challenged the denial of a motion to suppress in a child-pornography case, the officers’ reliance on the search warrant was objectively reasonable despite any potential shortcomings in the warrant application, and the good-faith exception to the exclusionary ...

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Civil Practice: Failure to State Claims-Stalking-Search Warrant

Where appellant challenged the adverse judgment in his action raising constitutional and state law claims, the district court properly found that the appellant failed to state claims for abuse of process, fraud, negligent misrepresentation or conspiracy, and the Fourth Amendment ...

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Criminal Law: Knock-And-Announce Rule-Unlawful Entry-Search Warrant

Where a defendant sought to suppress evidence obtained after an alleged violation of the knock-and-announce rule under the Fourth Amendment, the alleged violation of the knock-and-announce rule had nothing to do with the officers’ seizure of guns, drugs and cash ...

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Criminal Law: Search Warrant Speedy Trial

Where a defendant in a drug-conspiracy case challenged the validity of the search-warrant application, the challenge failed because the facts set forth supported probable cause, and the judgment is affirmed because the defendant’s motion to dismiss for speedy-trial violations failed ...

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Criminal Law : Search Warrant –  Particularity –  Severance

State v. Douglass (MLW No. 71415/Case No. SC95719 – 51 pages) (Supreme Court of Missouri, Breckenridge, J.; Draper, Russell and Stith, JJ., concur; Fischer, C.J., dissents in separate opinion filed; Wilson, J., concurs in opinion of Fischer, C.J.; Powell, J., not participating)

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