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Feb 23, 2011

Panera agrees to $5.75M class action settlement

A securities class action against Panera Bread Co. is on its way to a $5.75 million settlement.

Mar 21, 2009

Bernanke may buy Treasuries after gilt yields fall

Ben S. Bernanke may have something to learn from his former Massachusetts Institute of Technology colleague Mervyn King. By buying government securities to increase the supply of money, Bank of England Gov. King is taking a step that Federal Reserve Chairman Bernanke has only talked about. Early results have been encouraging: Yields on 10-year U.K. […]

Mar 17, 2009

Securities: Damage To Stock Value – ‘Short Sales’ – Preemption

Where a small pet supply business claimed its stock value was damaged by short sales under a stock-borrow program created by the defendants, the plaintiff’s complaint presented substantial federal questions, and the district court properly granted the defendants’ motion to dismiss on the basis of preemption. Judgment is affirmed. Pet Quarters, Inc., et al. v. […]

Jan 20, 2009

TIPS irresistible to gross as protection is ‘cheap’

At a time when central banks are attempting to prevent deflation, the hottest investments in the government bond market are securities that protect debt holders against rising consumer prices. Inflation-linked debt from the U.S. to Japan returned 5.77 percent since November, including price gains and reinvested interest, compared with 1.55 percent for the government-bond market, […]

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