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Sentencing Enhancements

Feb 17, 2020

Criminal Law: Search Warrant-Probable Cause-Sentencing Enhancements

Where a defendant, who was convicted of conspiring to defraud the country and assisting in the filing of a false tax return, challenged the denial of his motion to suppress, probable cause existed to support a warrant to search the defendant’s tax return business, and even though a prosecutor’s argument about misidentification was improper, the […]

Jan 2, 2019

Criminal: Sexual Exploitation-Sufficiency of Evidence-Sentencing Enhancements

Where a defendant challenged his convictions for sexual exploitation of a child and production of child pornography, the defendant did not show that the government failed to identify the victim and ample evidence connected him to a camera that held photos of the victim, so the evidence was sufficient to support the convictions, and the […]

Feb 23, 2018

Criminal Law : DWI – Prior Convictions –  Sentencing Enhancements

Sayre v. State (MLW No. 71421/Case No. WD80132 – 13 pages) (Missouri Court of Appeals, Western District, Ahuja, J.)

Apr 24, 2017

Criminal Law : Sentencing Enhancements – Prior Conviction

U.S. v. Pate (MLW No. 70415/Case No. 15-3991 – 7 pages) (U.S. Court of Appeals, 8th Circuit, Riley, J.)

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