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Tag Archives: Separation Agreement

Domestic Relations: Separation Agreement-Child-Support Arrearages

Defendant appealed the judgment of the trial court finding defendant liable for a share of the higher education expenses of the parties’ daughter. The parties’ separation agreement, made part of their divorce decree, required each parent to pay 50 percent ...

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Family Law: Separation Agreement-Defaulted Obligation-Motion to Enforce

Where a husband involved in a dissolution defaulted on his obligation under a separation agreement to sell and equally divide the proceeds of the parties’ properties, the trial court erred by awarding damages to the wife instead of ordering the ...

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Domestic Relations: Maintenance – Remarriage – Separation Agreement

Simpson v. Simpson (MLW No. 62816/Case No. SC91498 – 7 pages) (Supreme Court of Missouri, Fischer, J.; Teitelman, C.J., Russell, Breckenridge and Stith, JJ., and Bringer and Wimes, Sp. JJ., concur. Price, J., not participating)

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