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Halloween sex offender statute draws high court skepticism

The Missouri Supreme Court on Wednesday expressed skepticism for both sides of a case challenging a statute that restricts sex offenders on Halloween. Judge Laura Denvir Stith asked Audrain County Prosecutor Jacob Shellabarger whether upholding certain conditions on Halloween – ...

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If Halloween law upheld, sex offenders might be stuck inside for all holidays, judge says

A state prosecutor argued Wednesday that staying away from children on Halloween is a constitutional consequence of being a convicted sex offender. The Missouri Supreme Court heard the arguments in a case about whether restrictions against sex offenders passing out ...

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All sex offenders must register

The Missouri Supreme Court reversed a trial court's decision that 10 anonymous sex offenders can't be required to register as sex offenders. According to lawyers on both sides, the court's decision Tuesday is likely to apply to all sex offenders living in Missouri. "The decision as written is possibly broad enough to include the offenders who had no requirement of registration as a [result] of the Doe v. Phillips case," said Jamie K. Lansford, of Benson & Associates in Kansas City.

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