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Smelter closes toxic history in Herculaneum

The Dec. 31 closing of the smelter on the west bank of the Mississippi River, south of St. Louis, marks the end of an era in a region that has supplied most of the nation’s lead since the 1700s.

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Doe Run differs with EPA

Recent test results of lead levels from the Doe Run Co. in Herculaneum could either show that the situation has deteriorated or that it has improved, depending on which entity is interpreting the results.

In July, the U.S. Environmental Protection Agency directed Doe Run to expand the area to collect samples of lead in the surface soil and gravel driveways at residential properties within one mile of the lead smelter.

According to the EPA, of 372 properties sampled, 129 had at least one area exceeding the 400 parts/million action level for lead.

Doe Run sees the results differently.

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DNR may expand nonattainment boundary

The Missouri Department of Natural Resources is considering extending the lead nonattainment area boundary in Herculaneum to include portions of Pevely, Festus and Crystal City. The DNR and the U.S. Environmental Protection Agency recommend areas for nonattainment designation when an ...

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P&Z delays decision on Crystal City smelter

While details of the proposed iron ore facility in Crystal City are coming to light, there are many who feel they are still in the dark. At a public hearing by the Planning and Zoning Commission on Jan. 22 and again at the Crystal City meeting Jan. 26, Bob Niemeier, of Alberici Constructors, gave a presentation on the proposed $1 billion smelter and barge facility. Jack Ginnever, an opponent of the smelter, says some silos and an administration building would be built in this field behind his house on Bailey Road.

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