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Mass torts face big shift in law

State lawmakers have been pushing for three years to overhaul Missouri’s venue and joinder laws, citing the large number of mass torts in St. Louis featuring mostly out-of-state plaintiffs suing out-of-state companies. As one lawyer put it, St. Louis had become “America’s courtroom.”

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Topsy-turvy top verdicts of ’08

Juries in St. Louis County and St. Louis City used 2008 to kill any lingering stereotypes about their ideological leanings. Long considered a venue that’s home to more conservative juries, a St. Louis County jury last May handed out a ...

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ACORN worker charged with voter fraud

Federal prosecutors in St. Louis indicted Deidra Humphrey, an ACORN voter registration recruiter, on federal voter fraud charges, U.S. Attorney Catherine Hanaway announced Monday. According to the indictment, Humphrey gathered voter registrations for the Association of Community Organizations for Reform ...

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