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Tag Archives: Standing

Administrative: Government Contracts-Injunctive Relief-Standing

  Plaintiff appealed the dismissal of its petition for declaratory and injunctive relief. Plaintiff previously held a contract to provide computer services to defendant. Plaintiff filed a bid-protest letter to defendant’s request for proposal for a replacement contract, arguing that ...

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Municipal Law: Ordinance Banning Dogs-Injunctive and Declaratory Relief-Standing

  Defendant sought declaratory and injunctive relief from a municipal ordinance banning ownership of pit bulls. The district court dismissed defendant’s claims for lack of standing because she did not currently own a banned dog or reside in the municipality, ...

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Torts: Fair Labor Standards Act-Standing-Independent Contractor

  Where a plaintiff sued his former employer claiming that he was terminated in violation of the Fair Labor Standards Act and Minnesota Whistleblower Act as retaliation for his legal action against the company, summary judgment for the defendants is ...

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Civil: Venue-Standing

Where appellants as trustees of a revocable trust challenged the adverse grant of partial summary judgment, the trial court did not err in denying the appellants’ motion to transfer venue because forum-selection clauses designated the venue for litigation in connection ...

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Civil Practice: Right to Counsel-Indigent Defendants-Sovereign Immunity

Where plaintiffs brought a class action against the state and governor of Missouri and officials of the state’s public-defender system arguing that the state was failing to meet its obligations to provide indigent criminal defendants with meaningful representation, the state ...

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Administrative: ERISA-‘Cross-Plan Offsetting’-Standing

Where out-of-network medical providers, who brought class-action cases litigating under ERISA for their patients against a health-insurance plan administrator, argued that the relevant plan documents did not authorize the administrator to engage in cross-plan offsetting, a doctor was authorized to ...

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