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Tag Archives: Statutory Authority

Public Utilities: Electric Line Construction-Application Grant-Statutory Authority

Where the Missouri Landowners Alliance and the Missouri Farm Bureau appealed an order granting a certificate of convenience and necessity to a limited liability company for the construction and maintenance of an interstate electrical line and facilities, the appellants failed ...

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Public Utilities: Infrastructure-Replacement Surcharges-Replacement Costs-Statutory Authority

Where the Office of Public Counsel challenged the Public Service Commission’s finding that it did not have statutory authority to order the utility to issue refunds of ineligible infrastructure system-replacement surcharges, and a gas utility argued that the commission erred ...

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Administrative Law: Officer Disciplinary Action-Statutory Authority-Mootness

Where the highway patrol challenged a trial court decision remanding a disciplinary action to the superintendent, the case was not moot because the revocation of the peace-officer license was not final and the officer was entitled to make a claim ...

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Administrative: Certificates of Convenience and Necessity-Statutory Authority-Validity of Rule

Kansas City Power & Light Company appealed an order of rulemaking issues by the Public Service Commission. The PSC adopted a new rule relating to certificates of convenience and necessity. On appeal, the company argued that the rule exceeded the ...

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