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Tax Evasion

Jun 3, 2019

Criminal Law: Tax Evasion-Jurisdiction

Where a defendant, who pleaded guilty to tax evasion, argued that the district court lacked jurisdiction to adjudicate his criminal prosecution, the judgment is affirmed because the defendant’s claim that the payment of income tax is voluntary lacked merit. Judgment is affirmed. U.S. v. Guier (MLW No. 73276/Case No. 18-3032 – 2 pages) (U.S. Court […]

Jul 22, 2016

Criminal Law : Excluded Evidence – Tax Evasion – Special Conditions

U.S. v. West (MLW No. 69456/Case No. 15-3026 – 14 pages) (U.S. Court of Appeals, 8th Circuit, Beam, J.)

Mar 4, 2015

Criminal Law : Sentencing – Tax Evasion – Enhancement

U.S. v. Jones (MLW No. 67498/Case No. 14-1327 – 5 pages) (U.S. Court of Appeals, 8th Circuit, Shepherd, J.)

Aug 4, 2014

Criminal Law :Tax Evasion – False Tax Returns

United States v. Matthews (MLW No. 66743/Case No. 13-3479 – 6 pages) (U.S. Court of Appeals, 8th Circuit, Kelly, J.)

May 13, 2013

Criminal Law : Statute Of Limitations – Tax Evasion – Suppression

U.S. v. Perry (MLW No. 64963/Case No. 12-2444 – 12 pages) (U.S. Court of Appeals, 8th Circuit, Loken, J.)

Oct 2, 2009

‘Survivor’ star Richard Hatch: Victim or heel?

“Survivor” star Richard Hatch may have tamed the jungles of Borneo and won $1 million in 2000, but he has experienced many setbacks since. The greatest was failing to report his winnings on his income tax return. In 2006, a jury convicted Hatch of tax evasion, and a judge sentenced him to 51 months in […]

Mar 9, 2009

Car dealer acquitted in tax evasion case

A federal jury acquitted a St. Louis-area car dealer and three other men of evading $74 million in taxes by claiming residence in the U.S. Virgin Islands, rebuffing a U.S. tax crackdown on an economic-development program there.  Jamie A. Auffenberg Jr. of Swansea, Ill., and the others were found not guilty Wednesday on 98 charges […]

Feb 20, 2009

Criminal Law: Tax Evasion – Willfulness – Sufficiency Of Evidence

Where the government showed that an investment broker maintained personal assets in domestic and offshore entities and made attempts to shield his assets soon after the IRS made an assessment of taxes and threatened to levy on his assets, a reasonable jury could conclude that the broker’s attempts to place assets beyond the reach of […]

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