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Lawyers delinquent on taxes risk suspension

Editor: We are writing in reference to the article, “What happens to a firm if a lawyer doesn’t file taxes?” in the Sept. 8, 2009, issue of the Missouri Lawyers Weekly. In this article, the author, Correy Stephenson, discussed what ...

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UBS’ tax deals shredded U.S. patience with gall

Life might have rocked along pleasantly enough for Steven Michael Rubinstein, his $3 million home and his fat Swiss bank account if UBS hadn’t courted customers like him with such zeal. But the bank, in essence, was selling tax evasion ...

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Alderwoman loses bid to overturn election

There’s a reason they call them deadlines. St. Louis Alderwoman Bennice Jones King waited until after she lost her bid for re-election as alderwoman of the 21st Ward to challenge her opponent’s qualifications. But the deadline for such challenges is ...

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Cabin fever hits hardest in February

The subtle monotony of February and wintertime is starting to get on everyone’s nerves. It’s very different from the smiling faces you see those first few brisk days or snowy mornings at the end of fall while you walk a ...

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