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Computer upgrade marks end of a close friendship

Every so often you have to do it. When the time comes, which it will, you just have to suck it up and make the change. The telltale signs are everywhere, but sometimes the person closest to the situation – ...

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The five stages of grief (over technology)

It should come as no surprise to regular readers of my column that I’ve long been dismayed and downright mortified at my profession’s collective refusal to accept and incorporate emerging technologies into the practice of law. In many ways, the ...

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Trade Secrets

Randi McGinn was the first lawyer to use a PowerPoint presentation in a New Mexico courtroom. That was 13 years ago. Since then, she’s used PowerPoint presentations, along with a range of other visual aids, to help tell her clients’ ...

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Victory handed down for lawyer-bloggers

It is indisputable that technology is changing the world and the practice of law. Technological advances have increased our ability to rapidly disseminate information, and lawyers and non-lawyers alike have used this to their benefit. Of course the Internet is ...

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Should technology trump privacy rights?

In recent years, privacy advocates have expressed the concern that privacy is disappearing as people voluntarily disclose all kinds of information, including their every move, on Facebook, Twitter and other Internet platforms. The fear is that companies such as Internet ...

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Save time and money: Use technology wisely

Whenever I evangelize the importance of keeping up with technological changes, the most common response I hear from other lawyers is that they don’t have enough time to sort through the ever-increasing number of choices available to them. After I ...

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