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Tag Archives: Termination

Domestic Relations: Parental Rights-Termination

Where a father challenged the termination of his parental rights to six minor children, the trial court’s finding that termination was in the best interests of the children was not an abuse of discretion. Judgment is affirmed. Greene County Juvenile ...

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Civil Rights: Termination-Retaliation for First Amendment Exercise-Qualified Immunity

Plaintiff filed suit against defendants, alleging they terminated him without due process and in retaliation for the exercise of his free-speech rights; plaintiff also asserted a state-law, wrongful-termination claim. The district court denied defendants’ motion for summary judgment on qualified ...

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Employment Law: Termination-Discrimination-McDonnell Douglas Test

Plaintiff sued defendant, her employer, for employment discrimination following her termination, after defendant laid off plaintiff pursuant to a company restructuring. The district court granted summary judgment to defendant, after denying plaintiff’s motion to strike an email attached to defendant’s ...

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Employment Law: FMLA-Termination

Where a surgical technician sued her former employer for allegedly interfering with her rights under the Family and Medical Leave Act, summary judgment for the defendant was proper because the plaintiff’s evidence did not undermine or raise a genuine issue ...

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Domestic Relations: Parental Rights-Termination-Defective Brief

  Where a father challenged the termination of his parental rights, the father’s six points on appeal preserved nothing for review, so the appeal must be dismissed. Appeal is dismissed. In the Interest of: R.J.M. v. Department of Social Services ...

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Administrative: ERISA-Long-Term Disability Benefits-Termination

  Where plaintiff challenged the finding that an insurer did not abuse its discretion when it terminated his long-term disability benefits, the judgment is affirmed because even though the plaintiff presented some evidence of disability from his medical providers, the ...

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