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Jury faults elevator gate for man’s head injuries, awards $1.75M

A St. Louis jury won $1.75 million verdict against the manufacturer of a freight elevator gate whose allegedly faulty design led to a man’s head injuries. The jury held the plaintiff, Donald Johndrow, 15 percent liable for his own injuries. ...

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Jury awards $18.25M to girl who visited ER repeatedly before E. coli found

A St. Louis jury awarded more than $18.25 million to a young girl who suffered permanent injuries after she was repeatedly brought to the emergency room but wasn’t admitted. Shortly after the May 22 verdict, the parties reached a confidential ...

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Commercial driver suffered seizure before fatal crash, resulting in $5.9M settlement

A company whose driver had a seizure and killed the occupant of a vehicle stopped at a red light paid a settlement of nearly $5.9 million, according to the plaintiffs’ attorneys. Johnny M. Simon of The Simon Law Firm said ...

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Mass class actions are dead — or are they?

Corporate executives across the U.S. may have breathed a sigh of relief after the U.S. Supreme Court found for Wal-Mart in a sex discrimination case, but some plaintiffs’ lawyers weren’t convinced it would hurt their clients’ cases. Other attorneys disagreed.

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The Simon Law Firm: Pumped their passion into arbitration

A passion for their clients and the legal minds to back it up drive the lawyers at The Simon Law Firm. That combination translated into a victory for consumers when the Missouri Supreme Court decided in Brewer v. Missouri Title Loans that some arbitration clauses are just too unfair to enforce.

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