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Immigration: Cancellation of Removal-Crime Involving Moral Turpitude-Theft

Petitioner petitioned for review of the Bureau of Immigration Appeals’ decision finding petitioner ineligible for cancellation of removal because he had sustained a prior conviction for a crime involving moral turpitude. Petitioner, who had entered the country illegally, had pleaded ...

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Criminal Law: Theft- Felony Enhancement- Post-Conviction Relief

Defendant pleaded guilty to theft of at least $500; subsequently, the Missouri Supreme Court issued a ruling that the plain language of defendant’s offense did not allow enhancement to a felony. Defendant moved for post-conviction relief, but the motion court ...

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Criminal Law: Theft- Legality of Sentence- Post-Conviction Relief

Plaintiff appealed the denial of his motion for post-conviction relief, arguing that his sentence for felony stealing was unlawful under the Missouri Supreme Court decision of State v. Bazell, 487 S.W.3d 263. The trial court denied the motion as untimely. ...

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