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Skyline addition

Piro Signs workers dangled from a downtown St. Louis building last week to hang 5-foot-high letters that will form the moniker of Thompson Coburn. If the law firm is installing the first of two 17-by-38-foot signs, surely that means Thompson Coburn has signed its 12-year lease renewal at US Bank Plaza? Well, not quite. The lease agreement, announced in September, is 99 percent ready and should be signed in the next two weeks, said Thompson Coburn Chairman Tom Minogue.

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The lateral equation

Large law firms typically extend post-graduation job offers to the first- and second-year law students they hire for summer stints, meaning they have to decide one or two years in advance how many first-year associates they’ll need. A number of law firms didn’t read the tea leaves accurately for 2009, leaving them with more first-year associates than they know what to do with or can afford. In response, many have pushed off starting dates or lowered starting salaries. Associates with a few years of experience may not have much of a competitive advantage in the job market, said Hopey Gardner (pictured), an associate who started at Rynearson, Suess, Schnurbush & Champion in May

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Thompson Coburn defers associate starting dates

St. Louis firm Thompson Coburn is pushing off until January the starting date for 13 incoming first-year associates. The firm is paying the new hires a $10,000 stipend and urged them to volunteer with Legal Services of Eastern Missouri during the three-month delay, said Thompson Coburn Chairman Tom Minogue (pictured). "It's better to have them start when the economy is turning around," Minogue said. Thompson Coburn's first-year class also is smaller by four lawyers than it was in 2008.

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