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Fog line crossing justified traffic stop, Supreme Court rules

Missouri Supreme Court building

A motorist’s brief crossing of a fog line on Interstate 70 was enough to justify a traffic stop that led to his conviction for possession of a controlled substance, the Missouri Supreme Court has ruled. In a 5-2 ruling on ...

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Criminal Law: Traffic Stop-Motion To Suppress

Where a defendant challenged the denial of his motion to suppress evidence in a felon-in-possession case, any mistake of law made by the arresting officer was objectively reasonable, so the traffic stop was lawful, and the judgment is affirmed. Judgment ...

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Civil Rights: 42 U.S.C. §1983-Official-Capacity Suit-Traffic Stop

Plaintiff appealed the summary judgment dismissal of his §1983 claims against various law enforcement officers arising from a traffic stop of plaintiff. Where it was not clearly established law at the time of plaintiff’s stop that it was unconstitutional for ...

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Criminal Law: Traffic Stop-Uncharged Conduct

Where defendants challenged their drug and gun convictions following a traffic stop, the traffic stop was supported by probable cause, and the judgment is affirmed because the evidence of uncharged conduct was admissible as intrinsic to the charged offense, and ...

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Criminal Law: Traffic Stop-Probable Cause-Failure to Use Signals

Where an officer reasonably believed that defendant violated traffic laws when he stopped his vehicle past a stop sign, and because the district court found in the alternative that the vehicle’s failure to use turn signals was an independent basis ...

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Criminal: Traffic Stop-Seizure

Where an officer testified in a drug case that he pulled the defendant over to address a traffic violation and to address suspicious activity observed recently at a convenience store, either basis provided a proper foundation for the traffic stop, ...

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