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Protesters inside Supreme Court face harsher charges

Protesters who demonstrated inside the U.S. Supreme Court are facing the threat of a year in jail and stiff fines, a sign that prosecutors and the justices themselves are losing patience over the courtroom interruptions after the third protest in just over a year.

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U.S. Supreme Court to weigh Missouri spouses’ loan guarantees

The U.S. Supreme Court will have the opportunity to decide just how far the protections of the Equal Credit Opportunity Act go when they hear the case in November of two Missouri women who allege they were required by their bank to guarantee business loans taken out by their husbands. (Updated)

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Supreme Court turns into Night Court in October of oddities

It’s been a weird month at the U.S. Supreme Court. The oldest justice pulls an all-nighter. Another accidentally stops gay weddings in Nevada. And the court makes its mark on same-sex marriage, abortion and the November election without offering any explanation.

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