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Voters’ rights apply to CID elections

When the legislative session begins in January, lawmakers may want to fix the state law that allows property owners to set up community improvement districts.

Senior U.S. District Judge E. Richard Webber declared part of that law unconstitutional this week because it imposes fewer restrictions on a certain class of voters - those who own property in the community improvement district but don't live there. The case before Webber involved the Robinwood West Community Improvement District (subdivision pictured), which is in west St. Louis County.

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City says never on Sunday

An adult novelty store in Crystal City has filed a petition seeking an injunction and declaratory judgment after city officials suspended its business license for 30 days. James Dalton (left) signs a petition on Monday at the Pure Pleasure Megacenter in Crystal City as sales clerk Debbie Browning rings up his purchases. The petition is for patrons of the store to show their support for keeping the adult novelty store open on Sundays. The business has sued Crystal City over an ordinance that restricts them from being open on Sundays.

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