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Under Analysis

Mark Levison
Mar 13, 2019

Judge, Consider This a Warning

No, I am not going to write about Roger Stone. Most of us saw the picture of the judge he posted on the internet with crosshairs above her head. Of course, we all know that anyone who is still a Richard Nixon apologist in 2019 is per se mentally imbalanced. Perhaps Mr. Stone forgot that […]

Feb 4, 2019

Up in the air with a man down under

The American lawyer knows that our legal system evolved from the English system of yore. We also know that our forefathers continue a similar system, though one with some marked differences from the one across the pond. We also realize when we pause to think about it, that there are a surprising number of nations […]

Jan 29, 2019

Baboons and 4-year-olds give good pep talks

In 1998, I was both a new father and a new lawyer. Fortunately, I was blissfully unaware of how unprepared I was for either gig, and that is what kept me from running — screaming — into the woods. The trial lawyer thing is by far the easier of the two, by the way. In […]

Mark Levison
Jan 26, 2019

A Lawyer’s Return to Goa

It was 1974. Neither my wife nor I were lawyers, yet. The trip to Bombay (now Mumbai) from Mombasa, Kenya, was on an Indian boat having no resemblance to a Royal Caribbean ocean liner (other than perhaps norovirus). We were travelling cheap. My room had six beds in it, bunk-bed style. I was in a […]

Mark Levison
Jan 23, 2019

Reflections at the Starting Gate of One More Year

When I first started writing columns, I had little doubt I had valuable information to convey from the perspective of the insightful young lawyer. I still kind of feel that way, despite the rolling of the years, and the fact that today’s young lawyers are unfortunately wearing brown shoes with blue and gray suits — […]

Dec 24, 2018

Not gonna Grinch it up this Year

Gentle Reader: It has been pointed out (many times, in fact) that I don’t look forward to the holidays. I don’t hate the holidays, and it isn’t even that I don’t enjoy them, necessarily. Holidays, like vacations, mean not going to my office. Not going to my office means that the mail and the projects […]

Oct 24, 2018

All the leaves are brown, and so are the mashed potatoes.

It is officially autumn in these parts. In the Midwest, it is more properly called Fake Fall, the season f/k/a Indian Summer. It is a dangerous time of year for lawyers. If we set out a suit to wear at night, changes in weather may have made it a horrible choice by morning. Some of […]

Oct 22, 2018

Is now the time?

The system. It is a phrase used by many, in the law and in daily life. One particular and important system is a basic, primordial concept underlying our lawyerly endeavors and government. It is has long been a key to the American experiment. The system to which I refer is our system, apart from any […]

Mark Levison
Sep 24, 2018

Going, Going … Almost Gone

Some lawyers think they get their best ideas when they’re drinking. I recall a night some months ago when law school friends Dick Slickster, plaintiffs’ lawyer extraordinaire, Cal Polo, the elite silk-stocking lawyer, and I were drinking Irish whiskey. I had a No. 1 trial setting at the end of the month and had been […]

Sep 10, 2018

Why does it feel like I am cheating?

I am a unique creature in today’s legal landscape. I am a senior partner in a pretty good-sized law firm in a pretty good-sized city where I practice business law. I do not, however, limit my practice to either transactional or trial work. I thus represent clients in connection with mergers and acquisitions, licensing agreements, […]

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