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Tag Archives: Unemployment Benefits

Administrative: Unemployment Benefits-Employment Status-Independent Contractors

  Where appellant challenged a finding that its CPR instructors were employees rather than independent contractors after a former instructor submitted a claim for unemployment benefits, the evidence showed that the appellant controlled the results of the instructors’ work as ...

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Employment Law: Unemployment Benefits-Eligibility-Nonprofit Employer

Claimant was employed by a nonprofit corporation located in Texas, working remotely from her home in Missouri. When claimant was terminated due to budget cuts, she unsuccessfully applied for unemployment benefits, with the division ruling that work for a nonprofit ...

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Employer-Employee: Unemployment Benefits- Eligibility- Discharge for Misconduct

Defendant appealed the decision reversing the denial of plaintiff’s application for unemployment benefits. Plaintiff was initially found to have committed misconduct in connection with her discharge. On appeal, defendant argued that the facts of plaintiff’s yelling at her supervisor, storming ...

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Missouri House revives effort to limit jobless benefits

The Missouri House voted Tuesday to revive proposed limits on jobless benefits in an effort to encourage people to search for work, a measure that fell one vote short of overriding Democratic Gov. Jay Nixon's veto last year when Republicans had a smaller majority.

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Bill could limit unemployment benefits

Missouri lawmakers gave final approval Tuesday to legislation that could make it harder for people to collect unemployment benefits after being fired for alleged misconduct such as repeated absences.

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