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UMKC Law honors alumni, foundation at Big Event

UMKC School of Law

The University of Missouri-Kansas City honored six alumni and one organization for their personal achievements and dedication to the law school at the school’s Big Event Feb. 22.

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Michael Moore finds financial expert in UMKC law professor

A law professor in Missouri has joined the ranks of Charlton Heston and the CEO of General Motors as interview subjects in Michael Moore films. He comes off a little better, however.

The documentary filmmaker features Bill Black (pictured), associate professor of economics and law at the University of Missouri-Kansas City, prominently in his latest film, "Capitalism: A Love Story."

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Braggin’ rights

As the latest Missouri bar exam passing rates come out — with Washington University regaining the top spot — Missouri Lawyers Weekly decided to take a look at which of the state’s four law schools have the most claims to fame. We examined the alma maters of the state’s governors, legislators, judges, bar presidents and law firm leaders. We even explored an anti-bragging right: the schools with the most graduates disbarred in recent years. You may be surprised by the results. Mizzou came away with the most first-place finishes. But each school in the survey has reasons to puff its chest and blast out a boastful e-mail to would-be students and potential donors.

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