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Tag Archives: unjust enrichment

Civil Practice: Arbitration-Class Decertification-Unjust Enrichment

Where prison inmates brought a putative class action against a company that provides telephone services to correctional facilities, arguing that the rates and fees were unjust under the Federal Communications Act, the district  court did not err in decertifying the ...

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Civil Practice: Unjust Enrichment-Prejudgment Interest-Voluntary Payment Doctrine

(1)Where in a dispute arising from change orders to a construction contract, the trial court did not abuse its discretion in overruling its motions for continuance and to amend, and the court properly entered judgment against the subcontractor for unjust ...

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Contracts: Payment on Account-Unjust Enrichment-Personal Liability

Where a wholesale supply company appealed from a judgment in its favor that awarded compensation and statutory interest but denied an alternative claim of unjust enrichment, substantial evidence supported the conclusion that the individual defendants were personally liable for the ...

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Contracts: Breach of Contract-Unjust Enrichment-Instructions

Where appellants challenged a jury verdict in favor of respondent trust on a petition for damages alleging breach of contract, unjust enrichment and quantum meruit, the judgment is affirmed because the trial court did not err in giving verdict-directing instructions ...

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Contracts: Unjust Enrichment-Equitable Retention of Benefit-Earned Benefit

On remand, the district court reconsidered plaintiff’s unjust enrichment claim against defendant. The district court again denied the claim, ruling that, although plaintiff had conferred a benefit upon defendant, it would not be inequitable for defendant to retain that benefit ...

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Torts: Dividend Transaction-Fraud-Unjust Enrichment

  Plaintiff filed suit against defendant, asserting claims of fraud, conversion and unjust enrichment arising from defendant Calissio Resources Group’s quarterly dividend. The district court dismissed all claims against Calissio’s stock transfer agent and the broker intermediary defendants. Where securities ...

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