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Unlawful Retaliation

Mar 13, 2020

Civil Rights: First Amendment-Unlawful Retaliation-State Claims

Where a fired police officer brought civil rights claims against the city and police chief alleging unlawful retaliation for exercise of his First Amendment rights, the district court properly granted the motion dismissing the First Amendment retaliation claim because the officer failed to prove his speech as a public employee was protected, and the judgment […]

Jan 3, 2020

Employment: Unlawful Retaliation-Federal Railroad Safety Act-Discovery Rulings

Plaintiff was terminated after an investigation concluded that his truck’s brakes had not malfunctioned and that he was the sole cause of a crash with a train. Plaintiff sued for unlawful retaliation, arguing that defendant had retaliated against him for a prior unlawful-retaliation suit, his report of faulty brakes and his report of an injury. […]

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