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Tag Archives: Venue

Criminal Law: Venue-Transfer

Where a county 911 dispatch sued the director of revenue in Jefferson County seeking a declaration about the meaning of statutory subsections in a dispute regarding the collection and calculation of prepaid wireless emergency-service charges, and the director sought a ...

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Venue bill clears legislature

Fulfilling one of Republican lawmakers’ major goals for tort law this year, the Missouri House gave final approval to a bill that overhauls the state’s venue and joinder laws. The bill passed by a 100-46 vote on May 1 and ...

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Civil: Venue-Standing

Where appellants as trustees of a revocable trust challenged the adverse grant of partial summary judgment, the trial court did not err in denying the appellants’ motion to transfer venue because forum-selection clauses designated the venue for litigation in connection ...

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Criminal Law : Venue – Denial Of Change – Waiver

State v. Chambers (MLW No. 68775/Case No. SC95094 – 17 pages) (Supreme Court of Missouri, Russell, J.; Stith, Draper and Teitelman, JJ., concur; Breckenridge, C.J., concurs in separate opinion filed; Fischer, J., concurs in result in separate opinion filed; Breckenridge, C.J., and Wilson, J., concur in opinion of Fischer, J.)

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