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Tag Archives: Washington University School of Law

New Partners 2013: Missouri roots

Many new partners at law firms in Missouri have at least this much in common: A degree from one of the state’s four law schools.

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St. Louis sign code debated at 8th Circuit

One person’s protest mural is one city’s illegal sign. Lawyers for activist Jim Roos and the city of St. Louis were before a panel of the 8th U.S. Circuit Court of Appeals on Wednesday morning arguing about the constitutionality of the city’s sign code.

Pictured here, Roos, left, and his lawyer, Michael Bindas, share a laugh after arguments outside Washington University School of Law, where Wednesday's arguments were held.

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The puzzling Bar exam gap

Missouri schools are graduating more JDs than ever, but fewer people are taking the state’s bar exam. That should alleviate some concern in the legal profession that lawyers will flood Missouri’s market and make it harder for new lawyers to ...

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Better than the real thing?

Forget $50 an hour paychecks and swanky dinners in metropolitan hot spots - for some Washington University Law students, credit hour fees and ivy-covered walls frame the reality of their summer associate experiences this year.

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Hot or not?

2009 is expected to be a tough year for law firms. The economic turbulence brought on by the credit crisis caused corporations to tighten their belts, leading to less work for lawyers in such traditional corporate areas as mergers & ...

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