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Influential Lawyer – William Ray Price Jr.

Last October, Missouri Supreme Court Chief Justice William Ray Price Jr. was on hand to congratulate the 100th graduating class of the Jackson County Circuit Court’s drug court. He urged the graduates to stay out of trouble — not just for their sakes, but also for the sake of drug courts as a whole, for if too many graduates lapse back into drug abuse, lawmakers will see little reason to fund such programs.

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Chief Justice William Ray Price Jr.:Stirring speech crystallized issues facing the legal system

In the midst of a grim year, Missouri Supreme Court Chief Justice William Ray Price Jr. offered a message of hope: The legal system is about something greater than money and power. At The Missouri Bar’s annual meeting in September, ...

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Court committee picks judge to oversee St. Louis court clerks

It’s now up to the Supreme Court to decide who’s in charge of court clerks in St. Louis. The state Circuit Court Budget Committee met on Friday and voted to recommend the plan offered by Presiding Judge David Dowd. Dowd ...

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