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Up & Coming Lawyers

In this section you’ll meet 55 young lawyers who have made their marks both in the profession and in their communities. As a member of the selection committee, I will tell you that we could have selected 88 and been no less proud of the list of winners.

But we had to make the cut somewhere.

Speaking of making the cut. My desk is stacked high with nomination letters and other support material. To include all of the information would have filled not only this issue, but also every Missouri Lawyers Weekly this year. So we decided this year to give just one short excerpt as an example of why each of the winners was selected and then have the Up & Comers tell you a little more about themselves.

Their survey answers are bright and funny, deep and philosophical. In short, they confirm why this talented group of 20- and 30-somethings has been so successful.

2009 Up & Coming Lawyers profiles:

Allison Schreiber Lee: Lashly & Baer

Amy L. Blaisdell: Greensfelder, Hemker & Gale

Anthony Martin: Husch Blackwell Sanders

Blake H. Reeves: Polsinelli Shughart

Bradley R. Hansmann: Brown & James

Brent M. Covington: Armstong Teasdale

Brian C. Behrens: Carmody MacDonald

Bryant T. Lamer: Spencer, Fane, Britt & Browne

Charles C. Eblen: Shook, Hardy & Bacon

Charles G. Renner: Husch Blackwell Sanders

Chris Sobba: Polsinelli Shughart

Christopher N. Grant: Schuchat, Cook & Werner

Daniel L. Allen: Sullivan, Bautista, Morgan, Allen & Chronic

Daniel P. Schoenekase: Greensfelder, Hemker & Gale

David L. LeFevre: Dunn & Davison

Donald Calloway, Jr.: Sindel Sindel and Noble

Edward Dean Greim: Graves Bartle Marcus & Garrett

Erika Z. Schenk: Bryan Cave

Francis X. Neuner, Jr.: Spencer, Fane, Britt & Browne

Heather S. Esau Zerger: Bryan Cave

Jack A. Bowling: Stinson Morrison Hecker

James G. Goettsch: Husch Blackwell Sanders

James M. Humphrey IV: Polsinelli Shughart

Jamie Boyer: Stinson Morrison Hecker

Jason A. Wheeler: Thompson Coburn

Jason Dodson: Legal Services of Eastern Missouri

Jennifer L. Woods: Monsanto

Jennifer R. Piper: Kruse, Reinker & Hamilton

Jessica L. Liss: Rabbitt, Pitzer & Snodgrass

John E. Campbell: The Simon Law Firm

Jonathan Theodore Sternberg: The Law Offices of Jonathan Sternberg

Joseph Charles Blanner: Behr McCarter & Potter

Karen Lang Johnson: Evans & Dixon

Kimberly Yates: Littler Mendelson

Laura M. Jordan: Thompson Coburn

Lee Marshall: Bryan Cave

Lizabeth M. Conran: Greensfelder, Hemker & Gale

Mark A. Prost: Sandberg Phoenix & von Gontard

Mark C. Tatum: Shook, Hardy & Bacon

Matthew A. Radefeld: Frank, Juengel & Radefeld

Matthew Cutler: Harness Dickey & Pierce

Matthew J. Reh: Armstong Teasdale

Matthew S. McBride: Lashly & Baer

Melissa Marglous Merlin: Husch Blackwell Sanders

Mike Hunter: Williams Venker & Sanders

Paul E. Petruska: Williams Venker & Sanders

Robert D. Klahr: Armstong Teasdale

Robert L. Hess, II: Husch Blackwell Sanders

Rod Chapel, Jr.: The State of Missouri, Office of Administration

Staci Olvera Schorgl: Bryan Cave

Suzanne M. Rodekohr: Bryan Cave

Travis L. Salmon: Polsinelli Shughart

William E. Quick: Polsinelli Shughart

Winthrop B. Reed, III: Lewis, Rice & Fingersh

Zachary L. Hammerman: Greensfelder, Hemker & Gale

2008 Up & Coming Lawyers profiles:

Kevin F. Hormuth, 38

Daniel Nelson, 32

Todd Bartels, 39

Adam Seitz, 31

David Barnard, 37

Jonathan Marks, 37

Nicole Colbert-Botchway, 36

Leon Versfeld, 33

Amit Shah, 37

Richard E. Walters, 37

Michael D. Textor, 38

F. Chase Simmons, 36

Todd A. LaSala, 37

Jason Grill, 28

Joel P. Green, 33

David Dick, 39

Jonathan Barton, 36

Paul Sonderegger, 32

Dawn M. Mefford, 31

Russell Makepeace, 34

Crystal G. Lovett-Tibbs, 33

Emily Little, 32

Jennifer Griffen, 36

Gregory T. Wolf, 38

Danny Thomas, 33

Jason Rew, 35

George W. “Jake” Reinbold IV, 29

Adam Moore, 33

Brian Kaveney, 32

Justin Johnston, 33

Jason M. Hans, 35

R. Todd Ehlert, 39

Karrie J. Clinkenbeard, 33

Nikki Cannezzaro, 33

Brandon J.B. Boulware, 32

Erin Schilling, 29

Nathan A. Orr, 33

Patrick D. Kuehl, 34

Caroline M. Tinsley, 36

Tom Rottinghaus, 35

Christina Z. Randolph, 38

Hayley E. Hanson, 33

Courtney E. Goddard

Mark Stoneman, 37

Fang Shen, 32

Steven F. McCandless, 34

Mischa Buford Epps, 39

David M. Brown, 31

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