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Commentary: I’m Sorry Dave, I’m Afraid I Can’t Do That

Image of a robot face over a graphic with blue shading and vectors

In a mechanically operated dystopian future, robot lawyers are our only hope. They will argue our case to the Supreme Robot Counsel, assuming they can get past the metal detectors and rise above their own anti-robot sentiment. In short, we should make nice with them now.

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Commentary: FTC Proposes Nationwide Ban on Non-Compete Agreements

Federal Trade Commission building in Washington

The FTC announced a proposed rule that, if enacted, would amount to a near-total ban on the use of non-compete agreements and leave employers with fewer legal means of protecting their confidential and proprietary information.

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Lessons from 20 years of law practice

Lawyer and the law with a justice scale made of brass gold metal on a glowing background as a symbol of the legal advice, system in government and society in enforcing rights and regulations.

One lawyer reflects on two decades of practicing law and looking ahead to the time between now and retirement, with lessons learned that may be helpful to others.

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Commentary: Businesses beware of biometric privacy laws

Jordan Lewis

Technology is constantly evolving, powerful, and has become a digital storage locker for most of our personal and professional information, which necessitates more security of biometric data.

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