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Op-Ed: Hiring practices can counter implicit bias, systemic racism

Business people

Several companies have been holding their outside legal firms accountable to specific diversity guidelines for decades. While some of the more recent shifts are notable and important, these demands will continue to be difficult for law firms to meet.

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Op-Ed: How to make a hybrid workplace work

Reopening concept

If you’ve already returned to the office, chances are, many of your colleagues have not. And many will continue to work remotely long into the future — even forever.

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OP-ED: Security clearance concerns amid a recession and pandemic

Security Clearance

For Americans who make careers out of military service, obtaining approval to handle classified information makes a big difference in terms of advancement and pay. Unfortunately, that coveted security clearance could become another victim of the COVID-19 pandemic.

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Op-ED: How to make a hybrid workplace work

Organizational Culture

it looks like the new normal will be a hybrid workplace. And our current situation is not entirely temporary, so we should not put our workplace culture on hold. Rather, we should reassess it for work life post-pandemic.

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Commentary: Force Majeure, Part I

John Petite

When is contractual performance excused under Missouri law on force majeure, commercial impracticability and commercial frustration?

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Commentary: Best practices for using online videoconferencing services

video conferencing

Due to the ongoing situation with COVID-19, attorneys have been forced to make rapid changes to the way they conduct business and communicate with clients, the courts and even internal staff. One of those changes is the use of videoconferencing ...

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