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MOney 2022: The year of living intentionally

After more than two years of working at home and communicating through computers, law firm leaders now see the need to strengthen the bonds that underlie firm culture. In interviews, the same words came up repeatedly: Deliberate. Conscious. Intentional.

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The new normal: In-House counsel reflect on pandemic-related changes

From left: Jason Paulsmeyer, Mayme Sloan and Carrie Wrisberg

While sometimes creating concerns about corporate culture and morale, the impact of COVID on in-house legal departments has seen a wave of vocational innovation that has transformed ad hoc arrangements into new information sharing capabilities and evolved emergency isolation measures into flexible hybrid working schedules.

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Lower statue of limitations gets Senate hearing

Missouri state Capitol

A Missouri Senate committee is weighing a bill that would reduce Missouri’s statute of limitations for personal injury suits to two years from the date of injury.

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