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General Counsels weigh proposed non-compete rule

From left: Carly Duvall Le Riche, Dwayne Fulk, John Schierholz

While three states have largely banned noncompete agreements and 11 states have banned them for low-wage and hourly workers, Missouri is among the remaining states which allow such agreements if not overly broad, according to a Bloomberg Law analysis.

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Law firms adjust to passage of Amendment 3

A full frame of marijuana foliage

With the introduction of legal recreational cannabis in Missouri, many corporate executives and general counsels are working to reevaluate what kinds of policies to have regarding personal use of the once-prohibited substance by those they employ.

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Beyond burnout and the law’s culture of crisis

business woman slumped over on desk in office as an illustration of burnout

One of the challenges of well-being in the legal profession is that new law students and lawyers feel alone as they enter a pre-existing environment with many elements that are antithetical to well-being.

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Western District reverses defendant verdict win over jury instruction

Missouri Court of Appeals Western District

A jury instruction has brought the case determining the alleged negligence of a truck company and its driver in a 2018 highway crash ending in a man’s death to square one after a Missouri Court of Appeals Western District opinion.

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