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Missouri Lawyers Media offers several opportunities for sponsors to reach a highly targeted, professional, affluent audience through signature events. These events recognize and honor outstanding members of Missouri’s legal community.

Missouri Lawyers Media signature events:


The Women’s Justice Awards recognize women across the state of Missouri who have demonstrated leadership, integrity, service, sacrifice and accomplishment in improving the quality of justice and exemplifying the highest ideals of the legal profession.

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Unsung Legal Heroes
honors the law firm employees who have consistently gone above and beyond the call of duty, often behind the scenes. This award is reserved for the state’s most talented and dedicated legal support professionals.

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2018 | Award info
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     2016 | Award Info

The inaugural Icon Awards recognizes distinguished men and women over the age of 60 for their notable sustained success and strong leadership within and outside the field of law.

2019 | Nominations Open
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Recognizing attorneys, firms and organizations who are significantly advancing diversity, inclusion and the dignity of all people in Missouri’s legal profession and in communities in which exceptional legal work impacts justice for all.

2019 |Nominations Open
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Up & Coming honors lawyers 40 years old or younger or those within the first 10 years of practice who have demonstrated professional accomplishment and community leadership beyond their years.

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inhouse-counsel18_nominations_hpThe Missouri Lawyers Media In-House Counsel Awards will recognizes attorneys from around the state, including the winners from public companies, private companies, nonprofit and government organizations, healthcare, rising stars, and a single attorney with the Lifetime Achievement Award. Join Missouri Lawyers Weekly’s for a tasteful networking and breakfast.

2018 | Event info

2017 | Event info

CorporateCounsellogo-300x95WEBCorporate Counsel Round Table is a high-level panel discussion featuring the top in-house lawyers at prominent corporations in the region.

2018 | St. Louis Event

2017: Kansas City event | St. Louis event | Springfield Event

2016: Kansas City event | St. Louis event

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Innovation Awards

Through this event, Missouri Lawyers Media will celebrate excellence in legal innovation across the state by recognizing attorneys, rms and businesses whose progressive work drives new practice areas, services and business strategies.

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2019 |Information

2018 |Information

The Missouri Lawyers Awards recognize lawyers who made an impact in the year just completed, including the winners of the top verdicts, influential appellate advocates and champions, law firm leaders and the Lawyer of the Year.

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2018 | Information

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