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THE POWER LIST is a regular feature from Missouri Lawyers Media that examines the power brokers who lead and influence various parts of the Missouri legal community.

For our various categories, our editorial team interviews respected attorneys and leaders around the state, reviews outcomes of myriad significant cases and state records, and consults the archives of Missouri Lawyers Weekly to arrive at our lists of what we believe to be the most powerful people in each part of the state’s legal community.

We recognize, of course, that any such list is inherently subjective. We expect that some readers will disagree with our choices or argue that we’ve missed excellent lawyers who should have been included. Your voice matters to us in compiling these lists, and we welcome your feedback.

To contact the staff about The POWER List, email Editor Jordan M. YountSenior Reporter Scott Lauck or Staff Reporter Chloe Murdock.

Click below to see our POWER lists:



Tax Law & Estate Planning
Tax Law & Estate Planning 2022
Gavel with a stethoscope
Health Care Law 2022
Appellate Law 2022 icon
Appellate Law 2022
Lawyer-Lobbyists 2022
Lawyer-Lobbyists 2022
Education Law 2021
Education Law 2021
White-Collar Defense 2021White-Collar Defense 2021 Commercial and Consumer Law 2021
Commercial and Consumer Law 2021
Employment Law 2021Employment Law 2021 Personal Injury Law 2021
Personal Injury Law 2021
Business DefenseBusiness Defense 2021 Tax Law
Tax Law 2021
Health Care Law
Health Care Law 2021
Appellate Law
Appellate Law 2021
Lawyer-Lobbyists 2021
Family Law
Family Law 2020
Employment law
Employment Law 2020
Commercial and Consumer Law
Commercial and Consumer Law 2020
White collar defense
White-collar defense 2020
Family Law
Personal Injury Law 2020

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